George Larkwright

Hello, I’m George, and I’m a writer and game designer from London, UK.

I make games that use play to satirise the society we live in, that tell stories in new and dynamic ways, and that strive to subvert the status quo, sparking discussion and debate. I also enjoy writing for the stage and screen.

I’m currently working on a trio of short games examining the negative impact of social media on society, as well as an escape room set in a small wooden crate. I write about the development process of these projects in my blog - you can find that here. You can find out more about other things I’ve worked on here.

Otherwise, if you want to chat about some (or all) of the above, free to get in touch with me over on Twitter or by email using the links below.

Also, my page can be found here if you want a one-stop shop for all current work.