Description: A VR experience about bees.
Released: March 2019
Platform: PC (Oculus)
Engine: Unity
Team Size: Five
Project Length: One month
Responsibilities: Narrative designer, additional game design support.
What is To Bee or Not To Bee?

To Bee or Not To Bee is a virtual reality experience that places you in the body of a bee, delivering a new perspective on natural life and the world around us. Players must buzz their way around a garden environment, flying from flower to flower by using a unique control combination of motion controls and head-tracking.

The goal of the game is collect nectar from the flowers, pollinating them as you go, then deliver this nectar back to a hive. As the game progresses a benevolent narrator teaches the player about bees and their importance to the everyday functions of the natural world.

Summary of Contributions

  • I was jointly responsible with the rest of the team for the design of the game, from initial concept through to completion.
  • As the narrative designer on the project, I took a lead on developing a story behind our plucky bee. It was about five times more plausible than Bee Movie.
  • I wrote the voiceover dialogue script for the game, weaving together story, in-game prompts and educational information to teach the player about the importance of bees, one of the core aims of our game. This script was redrafted twice to ensure it fit the final vision of the game.

On the left, screenshot of a WIP build of the game. On the right, an excerpt of the bark lines section of the script.