Description: A whimsical wander through the influences and powers behind modern-day politics.
Released: April 2019
Platform: PC
Engine: Bitsy
Project Length: Ten Hours
What is Political Discourse Circa 2019?

Political Discourse Circa 2019 is a rendition of the current political climate in the UK and America in game form. I put this game together over the course of two days, and it took about ten hours to write and design the whole thing. It's currently playable on

I wanted to make a game that was an examination of the root causes of the division and dissatisfaction that can currently be seen in UK and American politics, as well as examining how this made people behave. In America and in the UK we have members of government that are in thrall to big business and their lobby groups. Mainstream media seems unable to cope with the occasion, and the proliferation of fake news and internet media has made the public easier to manipulate than ever before. Anti-vaxxers, climate change deniers and those who advocate tax cuts for the rich all thrive in our current environment.

The worst part is that we, the general public, don’t seem to be fully aware of just how the systems of influence in the modern political world work, despite how important they are to our everyday lives. With this game I wanted to create a simple and satirical introduction to these topics. I want to encourage players to look at the symptoms of the current political landscape and consider just how we got here. I want to encourage players to question the motives of those in power, and to do more to hold them to account.

The content of this game is based on the work of OpenDemocracy, as well as other investigative journalists working to uncover the influence of dark money, right-wing lobbying groups and foreign influences on our democracy.