Description: A collection of short stories examining the distortion of reality by social media.
Released: April 2019 (Soon)
Platform: PC
Engine: Twine (Harlowe)
Project Length: Two Months
What is Nobody Cares What You Have To Say?

Nobody Cares What You Have To Say is a satirical piece of interactive fiction that takes social media posts and examines the real stories behind them. Through its compendium of humorous short stories, the piece pokes fun at the banality and scope for misrepresentation that sits at the core of the social media experience.

Choose a scenario, make further choices, and find out what your adopted character gets up to before they post online. From Taekwondo instructors to cat owners, fisherman to gravel munchers, every corner of society is reflected in this work, with their foibles laid bare for everyone to see. But for real this time; not just a self-edited, airbrushed social media snapshot.

There are over ten characters to discover, and over thirty different stories to read. Nobody Cares What You Have To Say is the first of a trio of interactive works I'm making that examine the impact of social media on society. It will soon be readable on

On the left, one of the 30+ endings to the piece. On the right, standard Twine screenshot.