Description: A work-in-progress game that will use meaningless choices to highlight the insidious nature of dark money advertising on social media.
Platform: PC
Engine: Unity
Team Size: One
Project Length: Estimated two months
What is DataMine?

DataMine is my current project, prompted by the Cambridge Analytica scandal, and more recent investigations into dark money influence and data misuse by politically-motivated social media campaigns.

I hope to use the game form to highlight just how easy it is to slip illicitly-funded propaganda under our noses on the social media platforms that we use, and also hopefully provide more information about just how easy illegal data collection is and the effects that it can have on our democracy.

Progress So Far

I currently have a working prototype for the basic gameplay mechanic (as you can see from the GIF above). The basic gameplay flow will see players 'liking' different absurd social media pages. The data from these likes will be stored, and at the end of the game the player will be presented with a profile based on what they like. I plan on using plenty of other interventions to liven up this flow (including ad pop-ups) but that's the gist of where I'm at to date.

You can keep up with my progress on DataMine by following me on Twitter, although I'm admittedly only an intermittent tweeter.