Book of Cruelty

King Eric XIV ruled Sweden from 1560 to 1568. It was a reign characterised by madness, barbarism, and brutality. The King was deeply paranoid, obsessed with the idea that his subjects were plotting to overthrow him. He executed or locked up dissidents, and devised methods of physical and psychological torture unseen anywhere else in Renaissance Europe. An irrepressible and obsessive note-taker, the King kept a journal of his brutish reign. Years later, these notes became known as the Bok Av Grymhet, or Book of Cruelty.

...Of course, most of this is fiction. King Eric XIV of Sweden is real, but - as far as I'm aware - his Book of Cruelty is not. I wanted to create a short Twine piece that tries to affect the player's expectations before playing (using the preface above), resulting in enhancing the predilection towards certain emotions whilst playing (psychological horror and dread).

Book of Cruelty is readable now on

Date: November 2018
Platform: PC
Engine: Twine
Team Size: Three (Co-written with the fabulous Clancy, with illustrations from the equally fabulous Nick Young)
Responsibilities: Writing and code.