The Ballad of Sir Prisepartie

"Sir Prisepartie, approach my throne;
A quest I have for ye.
My daughter's birthday it soon is:
And you must plan the party."

The Ballad of Sir Prisepartie is a comedy text adventure game about a medieval knight tasked with planning the Princess' birthday party. Sir Prisepartie is a very gallant knight, but a very poor party planner. Help him plan the Princess' sixteenth birthday party using only your wit, your intuition, and a massive cupboard full of medieval weaponry.

Humorous writing! Captivating illustrations! Three endings, including a hidden horse ending! The Ballad of Sir Prisepartie is fun for all the family, and definitely one of the greatest pieces of interactive fiction about a party-planning knight.

The Ballad of Sir Prisepartie is currently playable on

Date: October 2018
Platform: PC
Engine: Twine
Team Size: Three (Co-written with the fabulous Clancy, with illustrations from the equally fabulous Nick Young)
Responsibilities: Writing and code.